Like the famed fictional heroine, Anne of Green Gables, I could tell you all about who I dream to be. What I look like in my imagination and where I’ll be once I’ve achieved my goals. As interesting as that would be, it’s not where I’m at yet. At this point, I am eighteen years old and walking through the many challenges and adventures God throws my way. Kelowna, Canada is where I call home today, the beautiful Okanagan valley rich in beautiful, beautiful scenery.

I thrive on travelling, culture, and new experiences. I’m utterly artistic, and highly romantic. I’m a photographer. I love people, I love people-watching and movement, I love talking to people. I’m obsessed with all things old and vintage. If I could I would live in the 1950s. I have no favourite time of year, I thoroughly enjoy them all and all the magical experiences that each season brings.

So welcome! Please read more and check out my Instagram below!